Building A Better Team Across The U.S.A.

In fact, American Support may have employees right in your backyard.  As a leading provider of contact center services, American Support is a pioneer in providing quality work-at-home jobs.  Committed to creating jobs here at home we look for the best, and most professional people to become American Support agents.  Since we can hire from anywhere in the country, we can source the best and most committed agents for our talent pool.  Agents who understand your customer’s experience, because they are your customers.  Friendly and reassuring, they help resolve customer issues quickly and efficiently all while mirroring your brand.

The ultimate flexibility.  Need custom staffing?  If you want agents with a local flavor or you want to create local good will by bringing jobs to your area, American Support is a great choice.  For projects with specific local or regional needs, talent can be sourced in a specific area  Or if you support a specific advocacy group and would like to have some of your agents represented by those groups, we can help. We already work with veterans/veteran family members, paraplegic organizations, state placement groups, etc..

Extra mile service.  We are in the ‘people’ business and we provide “extra-mile service”.  We know our service has to stand out so your customers will appreciate it, remember it and tell their friends and family about it.  We ask our team members to consistently go the extra mile and we do the same for them.  Those who are selected to join American Support see our commitment with competitive salaries, paid on-board training, access to health insurance benefits and more.  As important, they see a company where they can build a future when they work hard and go the extra mile.

Those who started as CSRs now make up:

  • 66% of our Recruiting Team
  • 100% of our supervisors in IB, OB and Quality Teams
  • approx. 85% of QA Team
  • 53% of dispatch team
  • 15% of the IT team
  • 8% of Product Support Team
  • 36% of Professional Development Team