Do It Their Way

Social media can create amazing brand buzz and that can make the difference in creating real brand enthusiasts.  

Make it as easy as possible for customers to contact you, on their terms to share stories about unexpected ways you deliver on your brand promise.  American Support agents are trained to deliver the best all around customer experience across channels.  Even if a customer is switching channels our agent can switch with them in real time.

We support your customer’s choice for support:

  • E-mail Support
  • Chat Support
  • SMS Support
  • Social Media Monitoring (Facebook & Twitter)

Single access multi-channel support is the best answer.  

Direct agent access across channels delivers a completely integrated customer experience when agents can switch from channel to channel on a single screen.  They have ‘fingertip’ access to all channels with the ability to switch between them and service the customer in the most productive way. Our single access support for multiple channels means we deliver more consistent information and service to your customers.  It also reduces the possibilities of information loss and maintains a single source reporting hub.