The best customer experience marries IVR technology with live agents.

It’s true that Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and automated speech recognition (ASR) may lower the cost of customer acquisition and inquiry calls. But cutting costs with these technologies doesn’t always translate into greater profitability. Many IVR solutions frustrate callers, because they can’t ask questions, prompts are often slow or unresponsive, and incorrect responses can result in giving up and abandoning the call. In addition, few IVR vendors can incorporate branded campaign elements or seamlessly transfer a call to live agents to service customers – options that can dramatically improve customer experiences and satisfaction rates.

American Support provides a full-service IVR solution that provides an optimal, end-to-end experience for our client’s customers, minimizes dropped calls and maximizes revenue. We deliver fully customizable solutions that seamlessly blend best-of-breed IVR and ASR technologies with our highly skilled customer service team. Nearly any combination is possible with American Support.

Our Voice Performance Team evaluates each target audience as well as unique caller expectations to deliver the most effective combinations of features available:

  • IVR – Self service applications and caller information gathering to identify and match the best available agent.
  • TOLL-FREE NUMBERS-Toll-free, international toll-free and DID numbers with current number migration for existing inbound call center numbers.
  • CALL CONFERENCING-Allows callers to create conference calls, by calling additional phone numbers to add participants.
  • SPEECH RECOGNITION-Advanced IVR self-service application for callers by enabling them to provide speech input in addition to DTMF.
  • TEXT-TO-SPEECH-Provide dynamic information to contacts with automatic text data to spoken word conversion.
  • CALL RECORDING-Fully understand the quality of agent performance and the customer experience, and have recordings as supporting documentation for transactions.
  • HISTORICAL REPORTING-Gain insight into call center performance, using over 100 customizable reports on ACD Queues, Agents, Calls, Campaigns, and more.
  • REAL-TIME REPORTING-Use personalized dashboards, views and alerts to monitor real-time call center statistics on ACD Queues, Agents, and Campaigns.
  • CLOUD APIS-Build advanced software integrations between Five9 on-demand call center software and other enterprise software applications.
  • CONTACT HISTORY DATABASE-Maintain contact information and call activity so that it’s available for IVR applications and at agents’ fingertips while handling calls.




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