Always-On Availability for Mission-Critical Platforms

American Support has chosen only mission-critical applications and platforms that take a distributed grid approach. Therefore, we have essentially eliminated the concept of a single point of failure while also minimizing the impact of any type of failure. Mission-critical components are protected by hot fall-over, while other components are highly distributed to ensure low impact of failure. When delivered on demand, these solutions can provide higher availability than even on-premise solutions can offer.

Our contact center and subscriber management solutions:

  • American Support uses a robust telephony backbone with over 18,000 ports and can offer multi-carrier termination with redundant connectivity, eliminating downtime that could be caused by carrier outages.
  • American Support employs geographically redundant data centers arranged in active-active configuration, providing redundant operation centers for any disaster recovery.
  • American Support has high availability rates with uptime as high as 99.99%, as measured end-to-end.
  • A Multi-Layered Approach to Security