A Multi-Layered Approach to Security

When evaluating on-demand technology for your contact center, you need to make sure that security in all the layers of the stack, including the physical network, network application and data levels are addressed. Each level plays a vital role in protecting your organization.

Security has always been an important aspect of our contact center technology. Each year our technology partners collect millions of credit card numbers, bank account numbers and social security numbers. To protect this information we use a multi-layered infrastructure that meets and exceeds industry security requirements.

These layers of security include the following: 

  • Independent Certification
  • Physical Security
  • Network Security
  • System- and Application-level Security
  • Data Security
  • Agent-level Security
  • Industry Security Certifications and Memberships

Independent Certification

American Support technology partner platforms are regularly audited by independent third parties and are fully compliant and certified with the 12 security domains of PCI-DSS Level 1 Service Providers. Our joint credit card processing compliance requires secure data storage and strong policy and compliance measures. Large customers regularly test and audit the security of both platforms to ensure that it meets and exceeds the security requirements for their industry.

Physical Security

You and your customers will enjoy the best-of-breed physical security controls to protect sensitive information, including mantraps with two layers of biometrics; up to 500 surveillance cameras supported by infrared, ultrasonic and photoelectric motion sensors; and 24×7 armed ex-military and law enforcement staff.

Network Security

Get peace of mind with our secure network architecture that includes multi-layer firewalls, access control lists, data integrity systems, and intrusion detection systems that are monitored 24×7 by the Security Operations Center (SOC). Changes to the system or a file name are tracked and monitored around the clock. The multi-layered firewalls delineate multiple demilitarized zones (DMZs) both to protect data and restrict unauthorized access from all networks.

Systems and Application-level Security

Our on-demand platform offers secure, segmented, role-based authentication that allows you to specify access permissions for different users down to a very granular level.

Data Security

Subscriber data is protected at all aspects of its’ lifecycle – at the storage, processing and transmission stages – using enterprise level encryption and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

Agent-Level Security

Each American Support customer service representative goes through an extensive background check, and conducts business through a secure and encrypted workspace that enables data to be accessed in a secure environment. Only those computers which meet our rigorous security standards are allowed to log on.

Industry Security Certifications

American Support and our technology partners have a history of participating at the highest level in industry security programs and initiatives. This includes American Support becoming certified by the American Teleservices Association Self Regulatory Organization (ATA-SRO).


The BITS Shared Assessments Program (FISAP) is the groundbreaking assessment program for financial institutions to evaluate the security controls of their service providers both in the US and internationally. It was created by the CEO-driven financial services industry consortium BITS, the leading financial institutions, financial service providers and assessment firms in the US, as well as the Big 4 Accounting firms acting as Technical advisors – www.bitsinfo.org.

Platform (CSG and/or LiveOps) staff hold the following key security certifications:


• CISA ISACA Certified Information Systems Auditor

• CCSP Cisco Certified Security Professional

• CISSP ISC2 Certified Information and Systems Security Professional

• CSI Cisco SAFE Implementation

• CSIDS Cisco Secure Intrusion Detection System

• CSVPN Cisco Secure Virtual Private Networks

• MCNS Managing Cisco Network Security

• CCSI Check Point Certified Security Instructor

• CCSE Check Point Certified Security Engineer

• 4011 INFOSEC National Security Agency (NSA) Information Security Standard


Accounting Certifications

CSG International balances almost $3,000,000,000 to the penny on a monthly basis. They are SAS 70 and Sarbanes-Oxley certified.