The Best In The Business

American Support relies on the experience and longevity of its technology partners to achieve our mission and provide the best possible customer service.

CSG International

Headquartered in Englewood, Colorado, CSG Systems International (NASDAQ: CSGS) is the leading provider of outsourced billing, customer care and print and mail solutions and services supporting the North American cable and direct broadcast satellite markets. The CSG Systems Web site is

  • #1 in US Cable Billing
  • 45% market share (cable)
  • 53+ million bills produced monthly
  • More than 2 Billion dollars managed monthly

CSG’s comprehensive approach to front- and back-office business has made CSG Systems a leading provider of customer care and billing solutions for the worldwide communications market, including cable television, direct broadcast satellite and IP services.

With a 45% market share, CSG has a scalable service bureau solution that processes more than more than 100 million transactions each day in North America. CSG Systems continues to lead the market in US cable billing, producing more than 53 millions statements each month, and managing more than 2 billion dollars in transactions for our clients each month.


Five9 leads the market with virtual call center solutions for inbound, outbound and auto-dialing.  It’s software is pre-integrated with leading on-demand CRM solutions including SalesForce, RightNow, Lead360 and NetSuite. Pathfinding engineering delivers a high degree of fault tolerance that leverages redundant phone carriers, internet connections, hardware components, and software servers.

The Five9 management team includes innovators from industry-leading software as a service (SaaS), Contact Center, Business Intelligence, and customer relationship management (CRM) companies such as Oracle, OneSource, Transera Communications, Contactual, eTelecare Global Solutions, Inc, and Genesys Telecommunications.


American Support has a unique partnership with SubscriberWise®, a leader in risk management solutions. Together, they incorporate a comprehensive approach to risk and decision management across the subscriber life cycle from origination and retention to fraud and debt recovery. SubscriberWise® risk management solutions incorporate TransUnion’s® robust consumer credit data with the highly predictive power of FICO® scoring and analytics. These solutions help operators make cost-effective decisions before approving a customer’s service and installing costly equipment.

Based in Massillon, Ohio, SubscriberWise® is the leader in risk management solutions for the cable industry. Visit them online at

Sigma Systems’ Device Provisioning Manager

Sigma Systems is the global leader in multi-service fulfillment and provisioning solutions, managing more than 150 million residential and business services every day.

Sigma Systems’ Device Provisioning Manager (DPM) provides a robust, automated device provisioning platform that goes well beyond basic device provisioning. This advanced device provisioning solution incorporates flexible service creation templates while providing scalable performance; robust security; superior reliability and a distributed architecture that provides centralized views and control of the subscriber, service, and devices – including IP and MAC address associations.

Sigma Systems’ DPM provides many important features to help providers accurately, efficiently, and easily provision and activate advanced multimedia services.


Some of these features include:

  • IPv4 and IPv6 Address Management
  • Rapid Template Creation and Service Introduction
  • Order Entry
  • Superior Performance
  • Enhanced Security
  • Service Assurance
  • Distributed Architecture
  • IP Lease Management
  • User Access Management
  • Firmware Upgrades
  • Interoperability


American Support is the only provider of a hosted Sigma Systems device provisioning solution in the country.

Centina Systems NetOmnia™ Fault & Performance Monitoring

NetOmnia™ Fault & Performance Monitoring is a comprehensive, configurable, automated solution that provides network performance analysis and visualization of any metric from the monitored infrastructure.

With Fault & Performance Monitoring service providers avoid potential hard faults through early detection, as well as monitor the key performance indicators and their impact on the business and SLAs.

This next-generation solution provides end-to-end visibility into multi-vendor, multi-technology, converged infrastructure-enabling users to monitor, manage, analyze and predict network performance from a centralized system. Moreover, NetOmnia™ Fault & Performance Monitoring seamlessly integrates with the rest of the NetOmnia™ product suite and provides out of the box performance visibility at the object, device and service levels of any infrastructure.

The key elements of Fault & Performance Monitoring are:

  • Metric Collector
  • Threshold Manager
  • Analytics
  • Device Topology
  • CMTS Reports
  • Device Reports
  • Stream Reports

Reduced service downtime saves and makes money by pre-empting service disruption. Avoid revenue loss by measuring metric based SLAs and increase efficiency of operations by eliminating manual correlation. Differentiate your service offerings and reduce your customer churn through improved network performance. Real-time KPIs deliver powerful decision making capabilities.

American Support is the only provider of a hosted NetOmnia™ Fault & Performance Monitoring solution in the country.